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Saturday, Feb. 25, 2006
Today I found him.

I listened to his entire new album and it was instant ruined panties. He’s just that good. He’s the former lead singer of the Old 97’s, who I also like, but did not know their lead singers name.

Of course I had to google him…and found a great article here

Now I know……that I have….a new love.

I read the above article after listening to his album and it was instant love when I read…

“I have time for just one more question. On the title track, Miller sings, “People like me keep a list of the things in this world that we trust.” I want to know: What’s his list? He hesitates, then slowly relates: “Ray Davies, ice cream, my kid, sunsets, a good book.”

Notice….he didn’t say booze, drugs, coffee, parties, girls???

He also stated…..

“Miller talks a bit more about his inspirations, including books—early influences like A Catcher in the Rye, and later works such as Don DeLillo’s Underworld and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest (“Reading both of those books, I felt like my head was literally expanding,” he says).”

He READ Infinite Jest??????? with it’s 1088 pages????….that’s my nemesis of books, I cannot get myself to read past the first page I feel so daunted by it’s mass. If he read it….*gush* If he didn’t read it and lied about it…*gush*. I say the latter because if I were to ever lie about a book, it would be that one…yet it daunts me so much I cannot even begin to lie about it. I told my book club members my dirty little secret about my nemesis and how it haunts me. They laughed but did NOT suggest we read it as a group. *sigh*

I’ve been living on the memory of a dream I once had – Rhett Miller
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