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Thursday, Apr. 24, 2003
For those of you that don’t know, Rick has been updating. :-)… He’s so sweet.

Last night with Bucky was a blast. We just hung out at the pool and curled up and watched TV together. He asked me to get him an address book … “Mommy I want to write your email address down somewhere where I won’t lose it….like mayyyybeeee in a Spoooongeee Bob address booook???” *said while grinning*

For the last 3 days Rick and I haven’t had much time together, he’s been working at night, by the time he gets home I’ve been either passed out sleeping or close to passing out. This morning he looked at me and said, “I miss you.” It’s so sweet to be told that even though we’ve actually seen each other, he recognizes that we haven’t connected or had time to truly spend together. We were sitting opposite of each other and he made this facial gesture like he wanted me to go sit next to him. It was so sweet of a gesture that I can’t even put it into words.

Last night I washed Ricks uniforms…this morning he thanked me. He told me on the way to work, “You are the bomb honey.” I said, “I am…why?” He said, “Because you do everything for me.”

I don’t think I could ever do enough for Rick.

Something I’ve never talked about…Rick has a million different looks that come across his face. His feelings, emotions..etc…come right out on his face. It’s sometimes hard to read though. I am guilty of being one of those people to say, “why are you looking at me like that?” or “what’s with that look?” I wish I had ten pictures of his face so I could explain by example. Either way he’s cute… Annnd…he’s right about the bed…so very right.

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