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Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2003
Some people need educated. Rick has a drinking problem. Hes not an alcoholic. When he drinks even a few drinks he has black outs. During the black outs he says and does things that he neither remembers later or is in control of at the time.

Black Outs - unable to recall all or part of a drinking episode. Doesn't remember what was said or done when drunk (blacking out is different than passing out).

He doesn't do crack. I can't believe people can't read something without jumping to conclusions and judgements about people they know nothing about. I am addressing issues brought up elsewhere in a guestbook.

Wouldn't it be funny if you found out that... I'm an 89 yr old grandma with 15 grandchildren and a wealth of time to write and entertain myself. Yeah...whatever.

Rick can do anything he wants with the furniture..he bought it! ;-)

Something major that I learned from my boyfriend... "who gives a fuck what other people think?" Not I. I'm just defending my man because he's worthy of it.
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