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wilted roses = eaten candy

Friday, Feb. 15, 2002
Ok I am majorly pissed off now. I got up this morning like every other morning and got ready for work. I had $43 in my Levi’s jeans pocket from yesterday. Husband washed clothes and so I called him asking where my $43 was. I have other money on me, but all big bills….I wanted my change money. He said, “Its on the dresser…but you should have other money after all you didn’t get me anything for Valentines Day yesterday.”

My reply was…

“Yes I did, I bought you some candy but I was so hungry I ate it all before I got home.”

Wilted roses = nonexistent candy
And as for “him”….what good is sending a gift if he doesn’t have time for me. All he does is work work, pursue, pursue…blah blah…. He’s gonna die with a pocket full of cash and no one’s gonna grieve. Wait…I take that back…he didn’t do anything to me. He’s just that kind of person and I can’t hold that against him. Can I? Hmm….
I met someone else new online last night. I’m collecting men I can never have left and right and they all act like I’m the bomb. I think they’re all blind. Mr. Australia thinks I’m beautiful. They’re all blind in Australia I suppose. And then I met Draukenrue, a 30-something boy from NC. Yeah another one from NC. I got an email from him already loaded down with pictures. Too many similarities as “him”. Same color truck, same industry….from the same state. Do do do do <--twilight zone music plays…. His email read….

Pleasure once again having met you. I hope it’s many in a long time to come between us. The avenues to which you can contact me are as follows….(he included about a go’zillion nicks on a go’zillion programs…)

I swear I am going to write a book titled “Why men online are always soooo kewl…at first!” or some shit like that…. I need to get a new damn hobby. Like maybe “read” some of those damn books I have piling up all over the place.

I put on my tightest jeans this morning and they’re too big….wooohoooooooo! Ok so I’m superficial. Whatever…it feels awesome to be overcoming this issue.

You know that I'm
Fighting this love in vain
The sun's been shining for a week
But it just feels like rain

-Belinda Carlisle
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