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roster lausage

Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004

Part of my job involves what I call “rostering”. I am the U person that passes out the class rosters to each room each night. I’m also the person that retrieves them from the faculty room and enters the attendance each night into the campus tracking database. This is not difficult stuff here. However, from time to time I run into problems with misfiled rosters. I call this Roster Lossage.


This morning I told my supervisor that I lost some rosters or they had been misfiled.This is big stuff since students receive their financial aid based upon whether or not they attend class.I could not locate two rosters.I went into a big spiel (dramatics intended) all about Roster LOSSAGE.

Chad the co-cubical cohabitator stated “Roster Lossage, sounds like a special at the restaurant…”For some reason this was hilarious.One of those “had to be there” moments.But both my supervisor and I burst out laughing at this statement.Roster Lossage does sound like a gourmet dish of sorts.Chad went on and on and on about it….

Five minutes after the incident I received this email from our supervisor R. (yes there are a lot of R's in my life lately...teeheee)

-----Original Message-----
From: R
Wednesday, October 06, 2004 1:12 PM
To: Kristy;
Chad; Rosetta
Subject: Publix is Running a SPECIAL

"LAUSAGE" is only $2.99/lb!

Lausage….hahahhaa…..now that’s funny.Even funnier was when Chad replied....

-----Original Message-----
From: Chad
Wednesday, October 06, 20041:18 PM
To: R; Kristy; Rosetta
Subject: RE: Publix is Running a SPECIAL

Sounds tasty, I will be preparing the daily special back here at my desk. I was thinking that a nice rosterlausage over a bed of yellow rice, side of asparagus w/ a hint of butter, a choice of lintel soup or a mixed green salad w/ our wonderful University house vinaigrette.

The house merlot goes very well with the rosterlausage.

Enjoy everyone

Chef Chad

Roster lossage will never be the same....
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