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Wednesday, Feb. 08, 2006
A friend of mine recently asked me for my opinion on whether she should get back togther with her husband that she’s been separated from, filed for divorce from …for quite a long while now.

My head has had a hard time wrapping around the issue because it’s something I’ve struggled to put behind me. Why? Because I did that very same thing. That getting back together with the ex thing. I did it for different reasons than “he asked me to get back together” however my ex did think we should get back together but at the time it was because there were financial problems and I really believe he saw it as an opportunity to futher use me for his own purposes at that time. I personally went back over an electricity bill issue that was affecting my child.

However, in the beginning of a separation or an inevitable divorce I think many people feel weak and unsure of their future and if truth be told I do recall thinking it would be easier to resume a familiar life than it felt to begin over again.

I haven’t responded or given my friend an answer for my opinion and I believe it’s because I truly just want to say

Run…..run like hell until you can look around at your life and see something new blooming and happening….run until you see a future….and run until you quit thinking it’s a good idea to look back.

And then I think of someone else I know that actually divorced her husband and then remarried later.

So who the hell am I to give that “run” advice?


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