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rush of stars

Monday, Jan. 21, 2002
What wasn’t happening before is now speeding up on me like a rush of stars falling to the ground I’m running around trying to catch them and save this feeling...in the off chance that it never happens to me again.

Love is an amazing thing…a journey….a moment...a lifetime...all things and nothing you can ever put your finger on...

Him: then i said remember kristy
Him: thats when he scratched his big eared bird head
Him: i said you know the girl i talk too all the time
Him: he said oh ya
Him: i said she might come up here
Him: you know what he said
Me: what?
Him: what for
Him: I said for fucken sandwiches
Him: damn
Him: whatta dumb fuck
Me: what's wrong with him?
Him: he has birdshit for brains?
Him: i dont know
Me: you gonna make me a sandwich?
Him: we did talk
Him: oh no not you 2
Me: lol
Him: go to the bathroom
Him: drop what your doing
Him: and check and see if you have a feather coming out of your ass
Me: lol


Me: promise me something???
Him: only if i can keep it
Me: k
Him: broken promises aint worth much
Him: and wont take you far
Me: don't accept "almost" don't ever ever ever...
Him: thats a deal
Me: good
Me: you know how he said for you to not give up your dream
Him: yeah
Me: I don't want to ever be the thing that gets in your way.
Him: nothing to worry about
Me: I never knew what it was like to truly care about someone else the way I care about you....until you.
Him: but i dont get that part .....we never met
Me: I know you don't get it
Him: and when we do meet dont rub my hair or my hairpiece will slip off
Me: lol
Me: thats the first thing
Me: mess up the hair
Me: I have to


This is the stuff everyone else misses. The moments that are the kind that only come from truly knowing someone inside and out. When the conversation turns a thousand shades of color and hangs in the air hours later like paintings on a museum wall.

I know that if I truly get to meet “him” I’m going to

1. mess up that perfect hair he has
2. cry my eyes out
3. hug him so tight
4. thank him for everything he’s done for the “me” of me
5. watch him play that guitar, wipe tears from my eyes the same time that I smile
We’ve come so far….with so far to go…


“And I said someday I'll get my life straight” -Alan Jackson
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