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1994 Chevy S-10

Sunday, Mar. 09, 2003
Good Sunday Morning and yesssssss we have a new truck. And yessss it's freaking kewl as shit. My friend Delboy sold it to me...he was my coworker for a little over a year and then left the employer I currently work for to work for an integrated electronics company out of Germany but located here in the U.S. last year. I haven't talked about him much in my diary but he and I have kept in touch and he's my best and closest friend here in Florida. He gave me a great deal, a year to pay him back interest free, the title free and clear right now and he completely detailed the truck from top to bottom. He also gave me bungee cords, antifreeze, rain-x for the windshield, an extra brand new fuel filter, and tons of other kewl stuff in a milkcrate. He's totally the bombassdiggity. I got the truck last night around 8 p.m., he delivered it too! He took me to the car insurance place yesterday morning too. The truck is superbly clean, he detailed it inside and out, cleaned the carpets, the dashboard, the doors, everything. It's spotless. Completely spotless. He washed and waxed the outside too. It shines.

Within ten minutes of getting the truck I drove over to ex's apartment to get Bucky. I wanted him to be the first person I gave a ride to. Ex wasn't home but said he was 15 minutes from home. I waited. He shows up with "her" in his Jeep and Bucky. She was gawking at my new truck too. (ha!) Bucky got in and we cruised. We had fun. We blasted the jams and sang and did our little jiggy dance. I swear when I'm with that boy life is perfect. It just doesn't get better than that. He told me my truck was great, rode smoother than Daddy's ride that badly needs tires since he wrecked the front end of the thing exactly one day after he had it. He also seemed to think there was no way I could afford it since "she" keeps saying I don't have any money. I simply said, "she obviously doesn't have her facts straight now does she?" To which he giggled and said "nope!"

This is what my truck looks like except that it's black. Yeah its not a 40K BMW but hey...I'm not materialistic. But this truck does kick ass. (Sorry...I still can't find the cable for my digital camera...*sigh*) I'm going to go for a morning cruise. ;-) Beep Beep!


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