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Wednesday, Jun. 25, 2003
I didnít want to go into sales. I despised the idea of it. I fought it and finally because my bosses thought I should be in sales and it became almost a necessity for me to do so, they pushed me right in there with fists clenched fighting of course. Now that Iím there, I have booked higher numbers than my male counterparts did at this entry level. And furthermore, I love the thrill that comes when you are putting a deal together, person A has parts Person B needs and I am the person that puts it together without them knowing and I, being Person C, collect the CASH!!!! Ok so Iím not rich by any means, but I am an Integrated Electronics broker and Iím learning quickly that itís the thrill of the deal far more than I ever thought it would be. Secondly, this is largely a male dominated industry and being that I have female to female relationship issues, I am happy to work within an industry where I get paid to talk to men rather than women. I think my bosses did the right thing, I just hope I can afford to eat in a few monthsÖ I hope they realize I want to make it all work together because I donít want to leave.
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