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saturday student blues

Saturday, Aug. 13, 2005

It’s Saturday and this is my world….


Smudged glass tables in the living room, dirty man work clothes under the coffee table, quilts on the floor instead of carpets, clean clothes in baskets instead of closets, books purchased still in plastic bags instead of logged into the excel sheet and properly put away, smudged glass sliding door (doggie noses even on miniscule dogs make messes), baseball caps on table tops, Math course/books stacked on dining room table, 3 bags of trash on the front porch (must be moved 25 feet to trash receptacle), empty fish bowl, (still haven’t made that trip to the pet store for those 35 cent fish and bottles of water), a messy desk (covered in wedding planning paperwork…junk….dog toy…pens, stapler…mess mess), the bathroom has dirty clothes on the floor, the bedroom needs cleaned, there’s a pile of clothes on the floor (it is clean and folded but fell over sometime last week and needs fixed, put away …something!), there’s a computer tower on the living room floor (it’s been sitting there for…well too long for me to remember and oddly I don’t even know who’s computer it is for sure…even though I did ask Rick once and I think I recall it’s mine from back in the day), there’s crumbs and gunk on every surface I can see from here including the TV screen which is hazy and smoky from dust and I’m still watching country music videos despite it), there’s a roll of white cable wire on the floor of my dining room area (this is to connect the bedroom TV’s up in order to prepare for Rick’s favorite holiday FOOTBALL SEASON, there’s clean dishes that need to be put away in my kitchen drainer, the bathroom is a “high caution” area that needs bleached and disinfected everywhere, my bedroom dresser is overflowing with stuff…stuff…ugh…stuff, the tile floor cleaning machine (Bissell Flip-It) is in the center of the living room mocking me I assume), there’s a basket of my dirty clothes on the dining room table (make that TWO baskets…one contains all the jeans that got wet back in the infamous closet Flood of 2005, they’re now dry but I’m sure they stink from being wet and drying…thankfully in Florida one does not need jeans but two weeks out of the year), There are 3 big boxes of records on the dining room floor, they’re slated to be sold and were oddly a “tip” a customer gave to Rick one day a few months ago, every binder I bought 7 months ago to store my college resource materials (ie college books printed from the Internet) are full and I have no clue how to organize them so I can re-use the binders without buying new ones so they’re just taking up space…that’s a 2 hour job I’m sure), there are 700+ books in here (and at least 25 of them need to be put away in some fashion), the pillows on the couch and the loveseat need to be washed, I’m sure the top of the entertainment center needs wiped down ( I have ventured to look….), there are surely dirty clothes on Rick’s side of the bed since that’s where he throws them (again I haven’t looked).  I could clean all of this up, I could if I wasn’t busy doing this…….


Case Study Analysis Paper Due Day 7 (Monday)

Write a 750-1,050-word analysis of a case study provided in the University Materials “Case Study for Student Analysis”. Use the guidelines under the heading “Writing the Case Analysis” in the University Materials “Preparing and Writing your Case Study Analysis” to organize your case study analysis. Please post your assignment, in a Word document format, to the <Assignments> newsgroup.


Ahhh the sordid dirty life of a college student…….*sigh*  I have to write a paper giving a mock up manager my ideas as to how he should resolve his operational issues within the workplace.  And I have some serious operational issues happening all around me…..in my own home.  ;-( 



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