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Thursday, Aug. 07, 2003
Remember www.savekaryn.com? Do you remember the girl that expected, wanted and got the world wide web to pay off her credit card debt due to her addiction to Prada and the like? Well SHE wrote a book about it and she'll be raking in more cash.


someone buy me the book....my debt is due to wanting a family to be the most it could be. It's from loving someone so much I overlooked his dick that couldn't stay in his pants. It's from listening to a "testi-liar" for 12 years. It's from being a fool.....

If I put my paypal account number up here would you save me? Would anyone save me? I need enough money to go to college so I can provide for my son and have him living with me all the time without feeling quilty that his dad could give him more there. *sigh*

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