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Saturday, Apr. 08, 2006
I haven’t written anything in so so long here. I have to say there are 3 main reasons.

1. work

2. school

3. nothing other than the above 2 to talk about

Yes, very pathetic indeed.

The book club is currently having an email back and forth about what book to choose next. I can’t believe the discussions about it. We all threw a few ideas out there but we have yet to just pick something. In addition one of the women wants to read “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which has nothing to do with Motorcycles really. No one else would step up to the plate and read with her. So, I did. It’s much like the psychology classes I have taken in the past 3 months. I can’t wait to start it. Her and I have decided to read this book as an aside to what’s going on with the book club. I bet we get halfway through this book before the rest of the group decides on a book. Next time we’re going to write names of books down on pieces of paper and pick one from a hat. This is crazy really.

Rick lost his truck keys. Yes you are remembering correctly, he did it before!!! and this time he again has no spare and no real prospects for finding the lost keys. They were in his lunchbox which he says he “put down and can’t remember where”. Hmm….great. I’d like to point out that yes I fit into the dress…the wedding was 5 months ago….and in the SIX MONTHS since he lost the keys last time..he never got spare keys made. Hmmm…..I’m trying hard not to be bitchamaniac about this….again. I just looked at him and said, “This is your problem to fix, not our problem to discuss.” And left it at that. I’m sure he’s still waiting for my bitch to emerge.

Today I used Nair to remove the hair from my legs. I don’t usually (if ever) use Nair. I tried it today. In the process I ended up removing the baby fine hair from the backs of my hands. What a strange sensation I’ve had all day since. My legs feel great though!!

Tonight I bought a copy of Pink magazine.

Sounds like a makeup glamour type magazine…no??? Well NO is right.

Pink Magazine is “finally a magazine for professional women!” as pronounced across the top. The really odd part is I never considered myself a professional woman. But as I flipped through the pages I realized that in the 16 months of being a Business Management major I am becoming a professional woman in my mind. As I flipped through these pages I knew a lot of information regarding a lot of these articles and I was thrilled to relate. I was thrilled to see an article titled “My Click: E-mail Excess: here are 18 ways to to lighten your in-box.” At work I am bogged down daily by email communications with people in our other locations working with me to make a seemless flow of information from one campus to another, etc. There are articles about Work Culture and the most exciting thing….an article about Office Politics, which happens to coordinate with the paper I am currently writing about System of Inquiry’s and Company Codes of Ethic’s. I was excited!! Excited!! Almost as if I found the perfect literary feast.

What the hell happened to me in the last 16 months that I was able to not only pick up this magazine but totally feel like it was not just okay but vitally critical for me to purchase it? I’m not sure, but there’s been an underlying transformation happening to me. Someday I’m going to tell other people what I need them to do. I am going to harvest work teams and stand in front of conference rooms giving Power Point demonstrations like a pro. That day doesn’t feel as far away as it once was.

I have focus. I’m working on a career. It’s still amazing to me. I’m still so very grateful. Even in the light of overworking, overstressing, etc. In a few short weeks I will interview for another high-powered job that pays nearly twice what I am currently earning working for a man I met on my first day with the company. A man I respect because he’s extremely ethical and extremely demanding. Did I apply because I saw the job posting and think...oh what the heck let me submit my resume? No. I applied because someone else high up in the company came to me and "strongly suggested" that I do so. I don't know what it all means, but I'll put on some professional threads and go interview because interviewing at this company is an artform to be practiced if nothing else.

Yes, what the fuck happened to that girl that checked her email all day and wrote poetry at work?

She’s gone.



it is good.

"You have to celebrate the gifts because life is so hard and I think once you realize life's gonna be hard, the good stuff really comes forward." - Dana Reeve
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