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Tuesday, Sept. 09, 2003
I hate when my boyfriend sits on the couch for hours not saying a word then gets on the computer and has a bout of bravery. Say what? About the 3 job offers I went on.say what again??? I went on several job interviews and I also signed up with 3yes count em 3 different employment agencies. I went to 10 different places in one weeks time, most of which were people who called me after I faxed my resume off of an ad. Two of the places simply pulled my resume off of the Internet.

Its bad enough that I feel I have to explain things to total moronic strangers that randomly hit my diary. But now I have to do it over the Internet with the man that I love? What the fuck..

If I were like him Id mention that he works a job he hates, gets crappy raises, and wont do shit for shit about his job misery. But Im not like him, wait maybe I am.but Ill simply state, Im sorry I dont do anything right according to you Mr. Bf. Im sorry I didnt fight things and left my job that was making me unhappy in order to go and make $3 more per hour somewhere else! Sorry..I dont know what the fuck I coulda been thinking about when I did that.

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