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Sunday, Jan. 16, 2005

What am I discussing in my class at the current point?


Pedagogy and Andragogy and The APA Writing style.



I had to enter my thoughts on learning teams as a discussion question.  They are…



How often in your job are you able to accomplish an entire task without awaiting paperwork from either your boss or the group of individuals that work in roles beneath your own?  How often can you complete a task without your work being checked over or reviewed by your superior?  How often can you write a report, prepare a schedule or change a policy without the feedback of your co-workers? 


We all like to believe we are the only ones in charge of our destiny but unless you own the company and can accomplish every task that company provides, then you are a part of a team.  A team with different personalities, agendas and ideas, and their ideas and thoughts will not necessarily match yours and rarely will they be identical to yours.  And yet you are daily thrust amongst them and need to make sure the end result is a successful one as you are a part of that team.


My personal feelings on being a part of a team makes my life easier at work.  Not only do I have my own brain power, my own thoughts, my own experiences but now I have the added resources of other’s that have different thoughts, more experiences.  This is diversity in the workplace and this is not a bad thing. 


Perhaps I have slanted and optimistic viewpoints as compared to others in the workplace because I happen to work in an environment built upon teamwork.  It is encouraged and facilitated on a daily if not hourly basis.  As an employee of Apollo Group we are given the tools and materials to best examine and facilitate teamwork, not just throw out the hoopla of what it all means, but to institute it.


Learning teams would appear to me to be much like being a part of a team in the workplace that has set out to accomplish good things and be an open ended source of different opinions ideas and thoughts set up to accomplish the same positive end goal.  Where as one teammate may be a weak link another may be the glue in that particular subject and vice versa.  I believe too many people only see themselves in that part of the equation when they themselves are carrying the heavier load, and yet they dismiss their teammates efforts when they themselves are being carried. 


To quote again here one of my recent assignments on teamwork via my workplace I stated and will here again restate, “Teamwork is a wonderful thing, but in my opinion it is not about who your team members are but rather who you are as a teammate that most matters."


In other words, it is not for me to concern myself about the weaknesses of others, but rather to be the strongest that I myself can be to contribute.  Seeking the weakness will never result in finding strength in numbers.























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