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Wednesday, Nov. 06, 2002
Self publishing is not necessarily a bad thing. But at least admit that that’s what you did, if that’s what you did. Why not admit that sometimes you have to tout your own talent to get anyone interested in it? Yeah, cause …well..yeah. It’s not a half bad idea. I suppose you still have to have an audience somewhere or else you’d have to sell all of em to your grandma.
http://www.iuniverse.com/ is not a bad thing. I would admit it though. For a mere $159 I could be a published author. Ain’t life grand? So much education and yet…no employment. I wonder if the government has grants for self publishing. Perhaps iuniverse takes food stamps? I’ll have to check into that….oh wait, I’m not on food stamps. But even I can save up $159. First I need $10.95 plus shipping and tax so I can line my son’s hamster cage this week.

By the way, I didn’t say a word to you. This is mine! Mine! And it was free! And in certain circles you can even sell a copy of your diary for $10 and someone will happily buy it.

How much self control do you have? Can you contain your anger? Might I suggest http://www.angermgmt.com/

Thanks and have a nice day! ;-)

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