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Tuesday, Sept. 05, 2006
I could write a book about all the things that Rick has brought home from work. Sometimes it drives me nuts but most of the time itís a sweet perk to his line of work. Today a customer gave him this chair. The customer no longer wanted it and it made a very sweet tip. Itís a Sharper Image massage chair and itís brand new and it works.

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As always when he brings something home I always search for it online to see exactly how much his tips are. I almost always find something similar to compare it to but sometimes like today I find it right away.

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He has brought home a china cabinet, a curio cabinet, two different queen size mattresses still in their plastic, 1 round cherry side table, 1 coffee table and 2 matching glass and iron side tables, a cherry wood jewelry armoire, various boxes of candles and candle holders, etc. etc. Prior to this chair today the most valuable item was the jewelry armoire that I found cheapest online for $349.

Todayís item was and is great because my husband can truly appreciate a daily massage and relaxation. And when I found the priceÖ.sweet!!

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So many people buy things that they donít appreciate or need and in Rickís line of work he often comes home with very nice things that other people wasted their money on. Sometimes people move from big places to small spaces and simply cannot get their items up stairs or around corners, etc. We enjoy the wealth of their greedy or useless waste or even lack of space. Iím glad he got something that he can find enjoyment from. AndÖsince he seems to like meÖ.Iím sure Iíll get to enjoy a few massages too. :-)
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