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Monday, Aug. 07, 2006
Relationships are exactly like “ships”. I think that’s why that word is hidden in there. It’s convenient and says it all. If you navigate your ship, you will arrive at beautiful far off places. If you neglect your ship, you will sink into the oblivion like the Titanic. Oh you can manage to sail and be afloat but still be miserable about the condition of your ship. Perhaps it’s been allowed to collect barnacles and it feels heavy and sodden. Or maybe your ship, like mine, feels as though it’s off course. It may be floating. Or perhaps your captain has told you in anger “I hate you I hate you” and you wish nothing more than for a little tug boat to come along and rescue you so you can go to bluer water’s this morning.

Oh the ship..the ship is afloat. It is strong and good. It is happiness glorified. It’s line’s make me smile.

But sometimes I think it would be so much easier to rid our sea’s of these relation “ships” and swim freely as we see fit.

Oh I have not abandoned my ship, nor will I ever jump overboard. I love my ship. I truly do. Just sometimes the morning dawns and it’s red skies and I feel the warning.

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