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should, could, if i would - poem

Monday, Jul. 15, 2002

its just no good
when weíre both
this way

itís just not what it should
when you go
on this way

its not like i could
do anything about it
is there any way

itís just that i would
but you wonít let me in
or get away

its just misunderstood
inside and all about
thereís no way to sayÖ

always here where iíve always stood
iím tired of losing
my wish on your yesterday

i would love you if i could
and you know i do no matter
what i ever say today

donít know what i would
but i just canít
iím just invisible this way

i want to know i could
that i should know you should
just let me go away

its so obvious i canít do you good
i have nothing good left
to give to you any way

i could go on like this, i could
i shouldnít and then i should
thereís too much i canít say

if i should then i could
i wish just wish that you would
do something about it all somehow

some way

so i can tell you i love you
the way someone should someday

daisy princesss
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