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morning shower?

Thursday, Aug. 15, 2002

Our bodies sweaty and exhausted, we walk hand-in-hand, me leading you to the warm embrace of the shower. You feel the roughness of my palms release, as I turn on the water. Steam immediately rises from the hot water, steaming up the mirrors and the glass shower door. As we step through the hot and sticky haze, our minds race at the thought of washing one another.

You step into the stream plummeting from the showerhead; I grab the buff puff and begin to lather it with Lavender soap. As the water cascades over your back, I begin to lightly scrub your shoulders, following a small circular path. Bringing my other hand up, I begin to tenderly wash/massage your breasts, the slick soap causing my rough hand to glide over your soft skin. The smell of steamy lavender fills the shower; you close you eyes and picture you and me in a field in the spring, lying naked together on a blanket.

Crouching down, I begin to wash my way down your entire body, fearing to miss a single inch of your supple flesh, the cascading water causing me to squint as it tumbles off your now erect nipples. Your crotch now at eye level, I resist my urges, knowing that you are tired. All the way down to your toes the water rinses away the soap as quickly as I can lather it up.

Turning you around to wash your back, I once again apply the lavender pleasure to your skin. But this time, I position myself a scant three inches from your back; once again you close your eyes hoping for this to never end, as I reach around and begin to massage and wash your firm breast from behind. You turn your head to look at me and you are greeted by my hot eager mouth. Water streams down our faces as we kiss under our man-made waterfall, my free hand softly caressing your face. You pull my free hand away, the water washing all the soap down the drain, and begin to lick my fingers. You look into my eyes and ask, "Baby...will you put your fingers inside me?

This drives me into a renewed passion. I grudgingly, pull my fingers from your hot mouth and gently and deftly slide it down your body. You can start to feel the beginnings of my hardness pushing at your tattoo; my hand finds its mark and I begin to massage the outer lips, not wanting to delve right in without some preparations. I can feel you start moistening up under my fingers tip and only then do attempt to penetrate your hot box.

I slowly work first one finger, then two fingers into you. Each probe a little deeper than the last, you can feel the dexterous tips beginning their work. My fingers deep inside you I begin to curl them upwards so that I can massage your G spot with my fingertips while maintaining a constant circular motion on your clit with my thumb. Your soft moan, barely audible over the water, lets me know that I have found the right spot.


uh..mmm.lets hope nobody destroys this awesome mood Im in right now, what a way to be greeted in the morning... I wonder what my male readers do when I post this stuff....

with unclean thoughts...
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