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Friday, Nov. 22, 2002
Bry: chicken and wice kwisty!!!
Bry: i gots chicken and wice!! yummy!!
Bry wants to directly connect.
Bry cancels request; no connection was made
Kwisty2k wants to directly connect.
Bry is now directly connected.

Kwisty2k: is that how you act when you see kwisty log on?
Bry: it's how i act when i get chicken and wice kwisty!!
Kwisty2k: lol
Bry: here's how i act when kwisty logs on.....

Kwisty2k: lol
Bry: whew, me ears get sore from flopping up and down kwisty!!!
Kwisty2k: you're too much
Bry: hmmm, well it's just that kwisty is soooooooo special!!!
Bry: aren't you special kwisty?
Kwisty2k: yes I am
Bry: so special you are like a Queen!!! Queen of.........Kwisty World!!
Kwisty2k: ok you can knock it off now
Bry: what?
Kwisty2k: you're laying it on a bit.....um...blowing smoke up my ass like
Bry: i wouldn't do dat kwisty!!
Kwisty2k: then what's with you?
Bry: with me? i'm the same ole bwy kwisty!!!
Kwisty2k: but how come today you feel all happy?
Bry: i feel happy today? is that how you interpret me today?
Kwisty2k: you're acting like overtly happy
Bry: i am? hmmm
Kwisty2k: you and I is just fwieeeeeeeeeeendsssss
Kwisty2k: stop flirting with me!
Bry: lol
Bry: you is too funny
Kwisty2k: not being funny
Bry: *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
Kwisty2k: *rolls eyes*
Bry: am i flirtin's with kwisty?
Kwisty2k: whatever you're doing , stop it
Bry: but why?

Kwisty2k: teeheeeeeeee
Bry: that's kwisty alright

Bry: lol
Kwisty2k: me singing....cause bry wikes me
Bry: lol
Bry: kwisty just loooves attention
Kwisty2k: blah blah blah
Kwisty2k: no no me is shy
Bry: yeah right
Kwisty2k: I wuv you bwy!
Bry: lol you do?
Kwisty2k: yeah you my pal
Kwisty2k: just sometimes you make me
Bry: who me?
Bwy: that's what i thought....lol
Bry: but everyyyybody wuvs bwy kwisty
Kwisty2k: ohhhhhhhhh now I feel
Bry: i can't tell what that is
Kwisty2k: very
Kwisty2k: sick
Bry: lol why does kwisty feel sick?
Kwisty2k: you made me sick
Kwisty2k: Bry: but everyyyybody wuvs bwy kwisty
Bry: i did? but why did that make kwisty sick?

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