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Friday, Aug. 05, 2005
Me….and we…and where I work…we kick some educational a*@!!!

July numbers are in and….

Tampa/St Pete Campus is now

We are at 2,452 students as of the end of July!!

Great job &

Sweet!!! It’s nice to work for a company whose stock grows at a 30% rate each year or better. It’s nice to be on the upswing and it’s really really nice to know what’s going on at all times by being informed.

I went to St. Pete College yesterday afternoon to turn in my application and the long haired hippie dude with greasy long (down to his nipples practically) sideburns hadn’t a clue. He told someone they needed a DD200 form to prove they were in the military and that’s WRONG…it’s a DD214. Doh. And he told me that I couldn’t possibly be a resident of Florida and be currently enrolled in an Arizona school.

Yah he’s a flipping idiot. He also told me that since my driver’s license was renewed in 2004 that I could not prove I was a Florida resident. He told me that I couldn’t possibly be enrolled in college and not be paying tuition. To which I told him, ‘I can I can and I am because the school that I WORK FOR educates their employees unlike the one that YOU work FOR!” He told me I could enroll and pay “out of state” (rape you up the a#*! Style) fees or I can obtain a letter from my employer stating that I have worked here for a year. So tell me how does that prove I am a Florida resident but my newly appointed drivers license dated 5/17/2004 on the renewal doesn’t? I had a field day fun blast with this idiot. I finally asked him if their school was regionally accredited or was it just state accredited. (I already know this answer of course…) and this flipping idiot told me “Our credits transfer” Yah they transfer only to another Floridian college. Doh. But he left that part out or he just flat out was never told that part. I was half tempted to go out to my car and pull my A.C.E. guide out of my car and show him the reality of the situation. For me I am seeking 6 Math credits to transfer to my home college. (this makes me a transient student not a NON-Floridian…idiot!) I asked this guy several questions all of which he said he didn’t know because… “I’m not an academic counselor, I am a registration rep.” To which I replied, “Ok so then why are you trying to answer questions that are obviously above your head?” He did a lot of sighing and telling me I had to get a letter and that I can’t possibly be a Floridian and be attending an Arizona based school. FEEEUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!! All the while the people behind me are laughing as I stated the name of my college and asked him if he’d ever heard of it and did he not realize that all online students are not living in FEEEUCKING Arizona you bonehead. Yes I called him a bonehead. He stayed on his route of “come back with a letter.” bullshit some more. To which I asked “When is your day off because that’s the DAY I will come back!!”

Today I called the school and complained to HIS boss. How do I know it was HIS boss? Because I specifically asked for HIS boss. And now I don’t have to go through the hum drum normal method of admissions there, I can go straight to his bosses office via walking RIGHT PAST his long TALKING EATING sideburns and ugly face.

I should buy a t-shirt that says “Don’t get in my way!”

Let it be known that while I am employed in Florida if I get a letter verifying employment it will come from Arizona’s corporate office…..so that won’t work. But I can show my driver’s license record I obtained online that spans since 1998 when it was issued and I can provide a letter from my now nice apartment mgr stating I have lived there for over 3 years and that along with my driver's license will work. Boooyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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