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Saturday, Oct. 09, 2004

If the way my fiancé stumbled into his front door this morning is any indication that it was a fabtabulous idea for me to make him a meatloaf dinner and that we had a uber amazing time last night……if you could see him walking sideways then straight then the other way..then arm up in a half asleep wave at 8:15 a.m. you’d know just how damn cute he truly is…you’d know just how much fun was had in an approximate 10 hr time period.You’d know.But since you couldn’t see him hobbily wobbiling from my truck to his door, let me just say that….last night….

  1. I made meatloaf dinner, lit the apartment full of candles
  2. Burnt my finger on the pan of biscuits.
  3. R kissed finger in the sweetest gesture ever.
  4. Shared an amazing meal with the absolute most appreciative guy I’ve ever cooked for.
  5. Drove to the bank so he could make a huge cash deposit at the ATM
  6. We went out for a drink at the restaurant his twin brother works for so there could be some twinage bonding.
  7. I used to misunderstand twinage bonding.
  8. I get it now.
  9. Had a rum and coke and talked with his brother.
  10. Decided to go to another place and meet his brother’s new gf since he was already planning on going there to meet up with her after he got out of work.
  11. Had an hour and a half to kill so we drive to the beach.
  12. Beach is a mess, the hurricanes have wiped out half the sand and there’s a huge drop from flatness of sand and then to the waves.
  13. Run thru sand holding hands, shoeless…
  14. Stand in the edge of the cool water hugging and kissing.
  15. The wind caressing our faces.
  16. Pull up our shirts to cool off in the wind.
  17. Almost a full moon.
  18. R’s arms wrapped around me, professing his love….
  19. He’s happy I’m no longer just his girlfriend, that I’m everything he’s always and forever wanted.
  20. I feel so loved I want to freeze the moment and take pictures of the emotions.
  21. Walk hand in hand passed nightclubs and neon and bars and the moon.
  22. Drive to other club to meet up with R’s twin and his new girlfriend oddly enough named Chrissy.(go figure…twins with girls with almost the same names???Her name is Christina….)
  23. She was funny in a sarcastic dry humorous way.
  24. She’s getting a divorce after 17, yah count em 17 years!!!
  25. I was girlfully happy and totally gleeful that she was at least 4 sizes larger than I’ve ever been in my life, and his brother was the dude that said fat girls were not his type.Ahhh love…..love has no size baby!!
  26. side note:I was admittedly gleefully happy about it because if you’ve ever been a chubbier girl you’re always happy when the new girl you’re meeting has an ass the size of Texas when your own ass is only ever been as big as the state of Washington and is currently the size of um…I’d say Ohio now…
  27. R’s twin brother, whom I love to death, slides over when R and Chrissy go outside for a cigarette says “I told you he’d come back..he loves you so much.”
  28. *short break here for the obligatory “awwwwwww”*
  29. R asks R (yup he’s an R too) to be his best man.:-)
  30. Decided to go bowling.
  31. Notorious 24 hr Bowling alley closed.Say what???
  32. R has to pee….I tell R to pee in parking lot…..
  33. Parking lot…hand on button of jean shorts…ut oh
  34. It’s the police.
  35. Officer laughs when I readily admit he was about to take a whiz…
  36. Cop checks ID’s then Cop laughs tells us to go across the street to wee….
  37. Bro didn’t show up…at the closed bowling alley that is…
  38. Pit stop for gas and a whiz….ahhh that’s better.
  39. Decided to hit the trampy’esque Egg Platter after Bro calls and says that’s where they decided to go.I would probably never rightfully decide to go there…
  40. Big huge fat ass blueberry waffle with tons of whipped cream.Ate a few bites…
  41. R hanging all over me in a half woozy rummy’ness haze of love…
  42. R telling me he wants to go home and make love to me…
  43. Decide to go home and they will follow shortly.
  44. R drives because R can…..and does it well.(long story there…)
  45. R tells me he loves to run his fingers thru my long hair…
  46. Go home, get naked, about to get not just happy about but really really happy about being naked together….
  47. Knock on door
  48. Twin brother’age and new g.f. arrive
  49. R wants to desperately stay naked.
  50. More rum and coke…
  51. R wants to get naked again…
  52. R tells brother he wants to make love to his future wife.
  53. Brother appears to want to mess up Chrissy’s hair…
  54. Goodbye brother and new girlfriend Goodbye. *insert wave here*
  55. We get totally naked for hours…
  56. Chloe hides under bed covering her eyes….lol
  57. I’ve never ever made love to anyone with so much want and love in my life….ever….candle light….blankets on floors…
  58. The thing about R that rocks my world…how his hands constantly find mine….always fingers entwining in fingers…..
  59. 3 ½ hrs of #41….teheee…I finally laid down to sleep at 5:30 a.m.!!
  60. Cut to later in the morning way to close to 8 a.m.…R sound asleep
  61. I woke up late…
  62. Watch him sleep even though I should be running around in lateness panic….
  63. Kiss his forehead…..
  64. Tell him I love him but he has to get up
  65. Watch him stumble thru the apartment hair slept in, yanking his pants on….
  66. I tell him I’m sorry I picked him up last night and he was all fresh faced and doing good and now this morning he’s a stumbling mess.
  67. He said something to the effect of “I’m ok…I’m ok.”
  68. cut to end scene….it went something like this…: “if you could see him walking sideways then straight then the other way..then arm up in a half asleep wave at 8:15 a.m. you’d know just how damn cute he truly is”

    I love him more than I've ever loved any other man....
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