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Friday, May. 31, 2002

This morning “Bucky” showed me his “concert threads” all laid out on the floor like a flat boy laying there.  Complete with a volleyball for his head! awww..how cute! (psst...don't miss last night's rant..)  Teehee


I know what I’ll be singing all night tonight…..

Can you become a part of me
Can you become a part of me
And ride across the galaxies

Pop a pill and we'll pop a pill
Pop a pill of innocence
Make believe and we'll make believe
Make believe that it's all so real
We'll build a wall out of brick and stone
and house within it how we feel

Pop a pill and we'll pop a pill
Pop a pill of innocence

Lyrics by me! 2000

Copyright 2001.
Written and arranged by Blue Joules. Any copying of this material without permission is not admissible by law.



I want to tell whenever I am not myself
its hard to know, how far or if it all could go
I've waited far too long for something I forgot was wrong
I don't know all the answers to things that I find
or have it within the time
but its all that I have in mind
Until I fall away
I won't keep you waiting long
Until I fall away
I don't know what to do anymore
Until I fall awayeaayyy
-Gin Blossoms

I see the world has folded in your heart,

I feel the waves crash down inside,

And they pull me under,

And, I would give you anything you want, oh

You are all I wanted,

All my dreams have fallen down,

Crawling around…..,


Somebody sa-a-ave me,

Let your warm hands break right through,

Somebody sa-a-ave me,

I don’t care how you do it, just

St-a-a-y, st-a-a-y

C’mon, I’ve been waiting for you-u,


All my dreams are on the ground,

Crawling around…,

- Remy Zero



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