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Saturday, Jan. 22, 2005
I just spent approximately 6 hours trying once again to master the APA style. And then….then I found out that you can BUY software that formats the shi’zit for you. Good grief Charlie Brown! http://www.perrla.com and $24.95 and save the hassle….and your valuable 6 hours. So, now I just have to write 750-1200 words based upon “Personal Goals”. Not professional goals?

Personally right now my biggest goal is to truly not have a nervous breakdown from the “driving a heavy big truck in massively wild downtown traffic midday!” life I’m leading. :-)

If I’m to write a paper that has nothing to do with professional goals but rather personal goals, then this paper would have to include my wish to write a book, my desire to get paid a lot of money for doing something I love. Perhaps finding the something that I love to do and getting paid MILLIONS to do that?

But this is PERSONAL goals…and I keep floating back to job goals. Personally I want a high paying job. Isn’t that partly why people do all this work called education. Oh and before some twit comes along and says “no it is for the betterment of your brain..etc.” Booyah! I am smart. I get promotions. I get raises. But, I miss chances at jobs because of a piece of paper.

Thus…my paper on personal goals.

Obtain proper paperwork to adequately apply for much deserved position at fun loving jovial place of employment where I will have a window with a view and my own personal coffee pot.

Wait…..that’s not even 750 words…

Oh and then there's my learning team assignment and I have one other team member who's signed on only to tell me that she has a computer virus. Nice....

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