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Wednesday, Aug. 03, 2005
There’s an angel on one shoulder that says “no no you should do the right thing and go to class” There’s an angel on the left shoulder that says “forget it….we’re both so lost you know it’s a waste of time, we’re going to flunk anyways, we don’t have our homework done because we couldn’t figure it out”.

And there’s a monkey on my back that’s letting my messages go straight to voice mail.

The devil wins! Ice cream and bookstores and fuck it’s for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes even I have irresponsible days……and THIS is it!

Editorial additional note: (3:26 p.m.) My apartment complex manager knocked ˝ of the rent off for the month of August to cover the lost food costs incurred months ago and the cost of my dry cleaning bill. And I actually was "nice" like my fiance and called and thanked him for finally making things more right than wrong. I told him and I quote, "Yes I am a bitch when things aren't as they should be...but hopefully after a gew g'zillion years of being married to the "nice" one his nice'ness will rub off on me!"

In addition a classmate of mine offered to come into the campus early and help me complete my homework….so the devil in me has been silenced and I will go to class like a good little girl.

Wow what an hour will change….
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