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Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2004
Here’s a new smaller outfit…..

The shirt is black with pink. I’m serious about my recent “pink” kick.

My shoes are shoved into the bottom of a small closet….and they’re always a messy tangle of lost soles.

So I cleaned them all up nice and neat…….

While cleaning up I found these perfect “thrift store” find shoes……that match perfectly…. You can’t tell but the insides are pink lined. Anne Taylor shoes….they’re so sexy…..I just gotta have some pink toenail polish now….

Yah…smaller size pants and the shirt…it’s marked as a huge shirt but obviously I wouldn’t have gotten it on long ago because I have lost about 15 to 20 lbs so far and it fits nicely now. I also bought a smaller bra and while there’s no picture or need for a picture it’s PINK too. :-)

in a small add on note....Mr. Charles Mailman gave me a book today...."Dude where is my country?" by Michael Moore. Bryan says that Michael Moore is a political freak. I have no opinion as of yet. Bryan said that I'm happy about this only because it was a gifted book. But it was a pre-read copy with highlighted sections so it wasn't bought for me and I didn't talk to Charles at all. He delivered the book along with the mail and never said a word. Probably because my bosses were on "high activity" in the office today. *shrugs* Either way...Mr. Mailman brought a book.


*note to b.f. wanna see me grin from ear to ear??? Buy me a book....any book.....'specially po'e TREE. last note to b.f. ....wanna see the PINK undergarments??? *wink*
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