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Thursday, Feb. 03, 2005
I think that Oprah’s next book club book is going to be “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” I have no real idea what it will be. I just keep getting this hunch.

6 months ago the bills were all in his name and I used to write him a check for my half of the bills. Now they are in my name and he writes the checks to me. It’s stooopid really…really stooopid to say this, but I get gleefully happy about getting a check from him rather than the other way around. Stoopid because now I just have to write more checks for the rent, etc. But….look…he’s writing a check to me! *happy dancing*
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I know these pleases me because he’s fiscally responsible etc. Oh and this is not for all of our bills…..just some. But he’s never late. One time I even bounced a check to him! It was a mistake but it didn’t go over well. I changed my account and forgot to switch checks when I needed a new book. I’ll never forget again….

In other news, I stayed up until 4 a.m. last night learning PowerPoint and reading coursework. Go me. Annnnnd I made my very own espresso at home. (Starbucks you spoiled me rotten…!)

I wrote a paper last night….yes…I’ll write on average of 4 to 5 papers per class. That’s one paper per week. By the time I’m done with college I’ll have carpal tunnel. That and this….this diary….my poor thirty something wrists.

Oh and here was my dinner tonight via the man….yum…and yah that’s my bra under my plate…you tend to take your bra off when you study til 4 a.m. And then you tend to leave it there when you get up late and have no caffeine all day…so what….so what!
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