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Wednesday, Jan. 05, 2005
Don’t you just love having distant co-workers in other departments that have no clue what it is that your job entails and yet you overhear them talking about how YOU do not do your job. Yet, they are NOT in your department, they do not interact with your department nor do they know what your job duties are and where or what you are supposed to be doing at any given time? Yah I love it too.

In the land of teamwork and positive reinforcement and in her department…it’s extra enforced…sad. Sad. The department said person works in…has the biggest turnover rate as there is an expected quota that must be met. Hmm, I wonder if 3 to 6 months from now I’m watching someone else make themselves comfortable in her cube. I’ve been here for about 4 months and two someone else’s sat there…so why would it conceivably stop with her. I mean afterall she’s little miss positive talker.

Second tip of the day…if you are going to check your online banking while at work, and you INTEND to print it out. Do a copy/paste feature and copy/paste only the transactions sans your name and identifying information because you might forget you printed your personal information and leave it on the public all employee using printer where all can see what you make, spend and where. Oh and if you tell people you got engaged for Christmas, it might be a good idea to conceal the purchase identifier on your own bank account. IE: Did you really coincidentally spend $1,100 at a jewelry store right around the time you magically appeared with that ring on your finger via your imaginary boyfriend named George. Yah. George uh...GLASS..yah that's it...c'mon Jan…figure it out, if you’re going to lie, lie well and cover your tracks. Oh and again…copy paste is your friend.

Whew…had to get that off my chest…

I think from now on I'm going to be extraordinarily nice to both of these peeps...'specially girl ONE. Snide doesn't know how to handle NICE, if she did she'd be NICE herself. :-)

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