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Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004
Ok so night before interview...I have....

1. scratchy throat
2. watery eyes
3. weak voice
4. stuffy nose

But it's ok because I also now have

1. Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine (day and night versions)
2. Box of fluffy puffs
3. Roll of cough drops
4. Roll of vitamin C drops
5. One KFC chicken pot pie
6. One hot cup of tea

And ....

7. a nice hug from bf to look forward to.

Yah....so the night before...I have a sore throat. Oh well.....today was a decent day. I collected zero money for Mr. Miller (not intentionally...just feeling sick) and I talked to ex about child scenario and he's all for it. Stated I can see him as much as I want and he thinks it would be good for both of us. Of course in the ex-husband translation that means "oh kewl...a summer to do whatever I want where I have no responsibilities...woohooooooo".

I also have a good feeling about this job, but I'm trying not to jump up and down yet because according to them there are 2 other candidates. Hmm....could that be untrue? Could that be true but I'm first in line? I can only say with all certainty if they don't hire me, it's their loss. I'm a perfect match to this job. I want it for the following reasons.

3. Two companies in one to work for, diversity!
2. Nice people to work for.
1. Hours that will allow me to see my son constantly. (lets move this to 1.)
4. Nice office.
5. Nice location.
6. Nice paycheck.
7. Interesting tasks.
8. Good addition to my resume.
9. Ability to work part time job on weekend's if and when I choose.

I bought a new sweater today for 9.99 at Ross and it'll go great with my black pants or skirt, depending on how good or bad I feel being sick tomorrow. Very clean and professional looking. I'm pysched. It's nice to have something to be excited about. Even if I don't get the job...it's been a fun experience all the same. I plan to tell them that if their choice is someone else, I don't hold grudges and if their choice doesn't work out, I'd never be dissapointed to hear from them again. Yeah because I'm not a sore loser.

I came home tonight to a spiffy clean apartment care of Rick. Awww.... so nice when sick to come home to cleanness. I recently bought new sheets and a comforter for the bed. I bought those sheets made out of t-shirt jersey....soooo soft and cuddly. I can't wait to crawl into bed tonight.....warm warm....mmmm

Here's another great picture my son took over the weekend of Chloe.

And further proof I am addicted to books.....

Thankfully I found a new bookcase for $5 to add...

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