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Friday, Jan. 04, 2002
There are moments when I know that he is the one. There are these times when we are on the same page and I feel like a complete poem worth framing with him.

He does tell me…how he feels…you just have to read between the lines….

Him: right after i graduated and walked out with a fucken headache
Me: lol
Him: thats what lifes about
Him: you go attend years of school so you can attend a boring ass grad. ceremony and
when its left over alll you have to show for it is a migraine
Me: lol thats not what its all about
Him: and not even a fucking diploma
Me: and that’s not what you have to show for it
Him: at that moment it seemed like it
Me: remember something for me....ok?
Him: ok
Him: ill try
Him: ok i can remember that
Him: remember nothing
Him: easy done deal
Me: you're a special person and all the people that get to know you
along the journey will be blessed for having known you if they are smart enough to see what I see....
Him: awwwwwww thats sweet can i get that in a card
Me: don't push your luck
Him: damn
Him: you can go to the store and make your own personalized cards
Me: lol why would you want that in a card? I just told you
Him: because its kewl and besides I am supposed to remember it
Me: teeeheee

and then….Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Him: wow let me take a pic of this
Him: youll freak
Him: hold on
Him: (sent me a picture of snow covering his truck and parking lot!!!)
Me: you have fucking SNOW
Me: thats a lot of snow for there
Him: about 3 pm it started
Me: frig that…I'm feeling much better about the cold here lol
Him: its kewl i dont mind it
Me: yeah it is kinda kewl
Me: i mean.....I haven't seen snow in 3 1/2 years
Me: I wouldn't mind seeing it
Him: yeah whens the last time you made a snowball
Me: last day I was in PA
Him: my last time was today
Him: when i got the mail i threw one at some kids
Me: I'm kinda jealous right now seriously
Him: your in a incubator
Me: and that surprises me
Me: no its cold here right now
Me: really cold
Me: for here
Him: 32
Me: no
Him: you need 32 for freezing
Me: thanks for showing me the snow there
Me: thats rather kewl
Me: hey.....
Me: it feels like home huh?
Him: ya it does
Me: its sorta a nice feeling isn't it
Him: actually ya
Me: I know ....I know
Me: know how?
Him: how
Me: thats what it felt like when I saw those pictures
Him: its even more when you go out side and stand in it while it falls on you
Me: I don't mind the snow...I just don't like so much of it that you can't be mobile for months and months
Him: yeah me too
Him: some snow is ok
Me: but if I was there and saw that...that would be kewl
Me: did you go outside to take those pictures? or just stand at a door?
Him: yes stood on the patio part
Me: heyyyy thank you for doing that for me
Him: yw i knew youd like that
Me: that was sweet
Me: yeah..wanna hear something goofy?
Him: ok
Me: i saw that snow and now we're talking about this and I got tears in my eyes missing that
Him: no
Him: no crying
Me: I'm not bawling
Him: no tears
Me: just got homesick or something
Him: unless your cutting onions
Him: yeah i got the same exact feeling
Me: remembered being a kid with my brother and sister and stuff
Me: but I'm glad you showed me cause its a good feeling
Him: yeah it is
Me: thank you
Him: makes you feel like cozy on a winter night
Me: yeah
Him: i get the same feeling
Me: i bet it feels all quiet out there right now
Him: sure does
Me: thats the cool thing
Me: when I was 16 I used to go outside at night when it snowed and walk around in the new snow....it was always so quiet
Me: thats the thing I remember most
Me: no cars
Me: no noise
Me: no people
Him: yeah everybody inside
Me: its kinda neat
Me: yeah....I'm jealous
Him: lol
Me: well at least I can admit it
Him: who needs snow when you have pictures
Him: lol
Me: its not the same
Me: you do know if I was there I'd make you go out there with me
Him: id go outside with ya
Him: till i got cold then your on your own
Him: id toss a handful snow down your shirt
Me: I'd have to get even somehow
Him: good luck

And he asked me last weekend "Why and how did you ever let yourself fall for me? We were supposed to be "just" friends. Gee.....I dunno....


Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
12:40 a.m. ::
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