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Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2002

“t”: but your online diary… it is...

“t”: for you to share with your internet friends..

Me: i know it sounds crazy but I get good advice there

Me: those people are not involved in my life

Me: they see stuff I miss

“t”: exactly

“t”: exactly...

“t”: and can you do me this favor

Me: what?

“t”: ?

Me: sure

Me: name it

Me: let me have it

Me: c'mon tell me

“t”: don't ever tell me where it is

“t”: your diary

Me: I didn't tell him

“t”: I am not going to search for it..

Me: he made it his business to find it, but it was my fault too

“t”: lol

Me: he did

“t”: I won't

Me: and thing is I never said his name

“t”: that is your "private circle"

Me: and I never lied about anything on there

Me: yes I lied to him...yes it was wrong.....I told him because it was wrong and I want to make my life all right

“t”: ok..

“t”: it is stuff that he had no business looking at..

“t”: hypothetical situation ok..

Me: ok

“t”: you and I have "hooked up" and doing the nasty dance ok

Me: lol ok

“t”: ok

Me: i like you're hypothetical thinking.....

“t”: lol

“t”: ok

“t”: anyways..

“t”: if I was talking to my friends about the err nasty dance stuff...

“t”: and you heard it...it might make you mad

“t”: you know..

Me: yeah...

“t”: guy shower talkk type of stuff

Me: as long as you say something that makes those guys jealous of you......I'm happy

Me: ok ok...sorry...continue

“t”: the way my mind is racing right now...

“t”: OH BOY

“t”: but...

“t”: that is why I don't care what you say about me....it is none of my business...what you say about me in your diary...

Me: but “t”....

“t”: is this making any sense

Me: there's not one girl out there that doesnt' want to know how to get to ya

“t”: ?

Me: I dig you

Me: in a big way

Me: and when I write about you it comes across

“t”: ok...nothing wrong with that

Me: and.....there's a lot of people that have been reading for a year now

Me: they know how unhappy I've been

Me: so for them to see someone making me smile...making me believe in things....

Me: they're happy for me

Me: I get a lot of "he sucks...quit talking to him....how's t?" comments


“t”: I am not going to tell you to stop talking to him...it is in your nature not to

Me: I think right now if I said something bad about you they'd kill me

Me: well here's the thing “t”

“t”: I doubt that...just remind them I am only a man

Me: i really realized that he's not a bad person.......and I"m not a bad person for things I did

Me: it's just some people are bad for each other

Me: and there's where we're at

“t”: like I said...

Me: I have a question

“t”: I am not going to tell you to stop talking to you...

“t”: shoot

“t”: 20?

Me: tell me that's not how it's going to ever be.....is it going to be that way.....are we gonna end up sorry we got to know each other?

“t”: I can only hope not...

“t”: but..

“t”: niether of us can see the future

Me: i feel bad cause this has nothing to do with you but can you see why i'm struggling?

“t”: Yes I can see why.

Me: despite what everyone thinks...I said I wasn't going to do this

Me: I wanted to contact you...thank you for carrying a gun....Ididn't know you were a laptop warrior....and be done.


“t”: I like that..

Me: laptop warrior?

“t”: Network Management Technician


Me: teeheee

Me: ok ok

“t”: it is still nice verse

Me: i wish i could hug you

Me: cause i feel better

Me: and I don't know how you do that

“t”: *hugs*

“t”: I wish I could promise you the heavens and earth for ever and ever...

“t”: but I can't...

“t”: at least not yet

“t”: does that make any sense

Me: listen.....you're doing something for me that no one else has ever done and if you do nothing more ever it will forever mean something to me

Me: you are being my friend without conditions....


Me: do you know how sweet that is?

Me: do you have any idea how much it means to me?

Me: do you know “t”?

Me: I hope you just know.


“t”: I think I do

Me: think harder


“t”: why?

Me: because ....it means a lot

“t”: I do know haw much it means to you...

“t”: that is why..

“t”: I try to stop you from getting into those...

“t”: friendship destructive moods..

“t”: remember the "internet slap"?

Me: and I'm struggling right now because I made mistakes before and i want to get it straight in my head before i make mistakes with you.

Me: and yeah... "friendship destructive moods" ...that's me eh?

Me: how horrible

“t”: I don't have problem with that....either way I will be here...ok?

Me: ok “t”

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