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Wednesday, Apr. 28, 2004
Someone I know got served with papers from someone b.f. knows. These are two now separated someoneís we knew before we met. One of those someoneís is the one sum of the reason he and I are no longer two separates but now together are one. So now those two are apart, back to single oneís outside of the pair that once was. We two are still together, yet someone called me, another one neither of these two, and told me that my b.f. was going to do the same thing to me. The one someone he knew before me served papers to the one that I knew before him and the papers were so that that one could get rid of the other one. The third one that called me to tell me about it all, was someone that I knew before I met him, she was there when the last one left me and she warned me that since the other one left his significant one that she thought that mine was going to leave me thereby serving me with papers that would abolish this relationship similar to how the last one ended. Now Iím not one for always jumping to conclusions, but this one was a doozy of a piece of news to hear. So like anyone else would I went to b.f. with this one. I asked him if he knew, why didnít he tell me all about this one and that one and which one was leaving the other one. He said that one was family and one was my friend and so this one had to be a secret kept and the secret was asked by his family to be kept by him self. I understand that one but I donít get how everyone I know canít make one relationship work, thereís always one that bails. This one piece of information makes me one sad girl. One other thing on May 1st I would have been married for One decade and 3 years. On one other much happier note, b.f. and I have made it past ONE year and weíre now working through another one.

However last night was one night I do not want to relive. I was one nervous girl and didnít want to talk to anyone about being left by another one again. This is one thing I have far too much experience in. If anyone ever writes me another letter like the last one and the one before that I might just have to **** someone. I didnít mean that last one, but I do think I might if I were the on the receiving end of that one event I learned about last night.

I called b.f.ís one family member who was involved in leaving the one friend I knew before I knew him or my b.f. and asked him about the phone call I received. He told me not to worry about that one and to talk to b.f. and I took that one piece of advice and Iím glad I did. Now if anyone out there has any idea what this entry is about, then youíre a pretty smart one. I meant anyone other than my b.f., that oneís a given!

Either way, tell the one you love that you love him or her more than anyone and thatís my one piece of advice for today.


can someone...anyone tell me how to make one relationship work forever?

all by all and deep by deep
and more by more they dream their sleep
noone and anyone earth by april
wish by spirit and if by yes.

-e.e. cummings
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