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Monday, Jul. 01, 2002
Ok so I'm on vacation and I was up at the crack of dawn anyways to take "Bucky" to daycamp for a field trip to the Zoo. Yesterday there was a big lightening storm and it fried my phone lines at my house. And now I'm not online. Wait, I am online at the wonderful St. Pete Library. So can you say "yeahhh for free Internet while sitting next to freakdoms"? Yeah c'mon say it with me.

So I had this long list of things I wanted to do with my vacation and all I'm doing is rubbing sore thigh muscles and realizing that I really can put my knees behind my ears...with help that is.

I have a thousand things going through my mind. A thousand.

Last night Brad sort of offered me a job. A good job. He's starting an computer consulting sort of business and needs a suckratary. I told him that I can't do that. He said, "no I'm serious." And I said, "how do you know I know what I'm doing?" He said, I need someone that can type fast, someone with a pleasant voice, and someone smart and someone that I get along with. I said, "well fuck...you better hope like hell I say yes because who else can get along with you?" But this is all in the workings. But I can say this, if Brad says he's going to do something ...consider it done. The only thing he sucks at is love. Thats it. Everything else ..he does well. I dunno about him though. As soon as I think he wants me out of his life, he's doing something that contradicts this. *sigh* You'd think I'd just get used to it.

Two major things keep running through my head.

1. my internet is down at home....FUCK!!!

2. i'm confused.

I read that book...that Thousand days surprise romance thing. I'm all done. It was pretty ok. Now what?

Good thing I'm in a library. I'm gonna go find something to read. And remember I have no Internet at home, so if you email me...well....I can't reply.

Against Ron's better wishes...(deleted) I'm bored. Come kill me. Bwahh hahahaha ....

I know Ron just had a heart attack....

He's someone I don't want to be sorry about. Can anyone be someone that someone else is never sorry about?

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