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sometimes - poem

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2002

sometimes i just wish
we could talk
like two adults
instead of you
making me feel like
a child

sometimes i wish
it was ok
just that i was me
it should just be
that way

and sometimes
i think about all the time
i spent trying to change
and what a waste of
time it was that you
made me feel so strange

and sometimes
right when i almost hate you
i see right through
everything i feel for you
and i know one thing

you care about me
i care about you
and sometimes that is
the hardest thing two
people ever find themselves
in the middle of how they do

sometimes i wish
it would have amounted
to something besides
all the regrets
something besides
all this fucked up shit

and sometimes when i
can think by AGAIN feeling numb
i again feel like a child
having learned nothing
i fall back to feeling dumb

but thereís a difference
this time around
heís not you
and iím not lost
yeah iím not lost anymore
because you donít make the rules
for the love i just found

you donít make the rules
you never did
and if i fooled you
into thinking it was so
let me fool you into knowing
what you say doesnít
matter to me anymore

sometimes it would be nice to have a conversation with you and not end up feeling like shit about myself.
Sometimes it would be nice if you just accepted me just this way, if that just once was by itself fucking enough!
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