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Monday, Feb. 06, 2006
On Friday we had a huge huge rain storm in Pinellas County, where I live. It was rough going getting home from work for me but by the time I left work most of the rain waters had somewhat subsided and none of the highways I normally take were completely flooded out, so while I drove through some high waters, it was nothing like here, here or here.

The roof of the local Bed, Bath and Beyond (about ˝ mile from where I live) caved in. One woman narrowly escaping. This is very scary to think about. Apparently there was a quick 4 inches of rain on the roof which loaded it down more than it could handle. The rains came quickly. We had rain leakage in the building that I work in and it was unnerving. The parking lot was completely flooded out in the first floor. (I always park in the 4th.) The idea of being stuck at work for longer than expected was going through a lot of people’s minds.

When I left work, I called kristyk and spoke to her. She wasn’t feeling well so I refrained from saying, “I’m ssssss’scared…I just wanted someone to talk to while I headed out into this massive scary rain storm.” But….I was and without knowing it …she helped keep me calm. I owe her one. Perhaps not saying anything about being scared helped?...perhaps hearing a friendly voice..yah that was definitely it. Thank you for being exactly who you are kristyk!

In other Florida news…..a man kills himself, his wife and another couple he knew after his wife fled to their house after a domestic….all parties had children…so today there are several children left parentless…. this story really breaks my heart!
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