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Friday, Oct. 25, 2002
Just got confirmation from Jamie that “To Have and to Hold” my song is on Blue Joules new CD being released on November 30th. It is now not a fluke one time thing. I am a full fledged songwriter. The strange thing is I barely remember the song anymore. But it still feels just as great as the first time around. It’s still an accomplishment some people will never attain. I know I’m not in Hollywood, but someone belts out my words on a stage in front of hundreds of people that sing along. There’s no greater high than that and I am proud of myself for what I have achieved.

My diaryland bud Sandy is writing up the back cover ditty for them. Congrats Sandy! No one deserves it more! It’s a unique thing you came up with and I’m glad you’re included in the project. It’s the best to know that my affiliation with diaryland has not been all bad like I sometimes think.

One last thing, if you want a great poetry book contact MadProphet and buy a copy of his poetry chapbook. It’s amazing. There’s so much talent in the world….really there is.

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