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my soul mate

Sunday, May. 19, 2002
I was thinking about you so much today. Feeling so grateful for you...sometimes all the emotions about you come in and overwhelm me with truth.

Soul Mate

You are the bright
To my pastel
The beautiful dark
To my light
The breath to my moments
The ink for all right

I love you like
Kites need the wind
Like emotions that
Dance on
The moonlight
Never get lost in rescind

Ever tainted
Perfect within
You are the sun
Leftover light from the
Moon pieced back
and forgiven
Like it has
never sinned

I canít fly beyond you
Yes without you
Iíd be a boat
With a tattered sail
Iíd soon sink into pain
Or go insane like a
Princess who canít
Escape past her moat

When Iím scarred and
deafened by all cryís
Of pure hell
Iím soon
Soothed pretty with the
Knowledge of your
Never farewell

Iíd be a thin dime
clanging hollow
On the lonely bottom
Of life
If not for youÖ
The water that fills
Me to compel
Past all the strife

Youíre the motion that
Makes me swim
The depth of my well
The dream that visits
My eyelids
The nightís magic spell

Iíd be the peanut butter
And stick with you
like the jelly
Inside the two halves
That sandwich us whole
Iím twisting sweet
Dunking you into
The cool of milk
Just to dip in
The licks of
Your sweetness
of soul

Saving the
Sugar of my lifeís
One free kiss
Sealed on the 9th cloud
Of this and only

When one day
The enveloping mist
Of one raindrop that
falls on your cheek
From the rainbow
Please know
Thatís my last tear
And my only wish
To touch you
Somehow perfect
Iím lonely
For only this

Silliness is happiness
When my smile was
A lost line that led nowhere
You wrote it into the bliss
Of a beautiful somewhere

When rain drops into
Torrential downpour
I know youíre still there
My invisible kiss
In the sweetness of air
Youíre my last wish
Our every occasion is
A perfect affair
Thereís always something
To believe in because of you
And because of only this

When Iím drowning
I find myself always
Washing myself up on
Your safe shore
Floating to
Deserted islands
Where stars shine
Like flashlights
And your shadow
Surrounds me
In kindly adore

I know then
that I am
Far from lifes harms
I am alone no more
Iím safe for your
my secure calm

Seahorses swim
Therefore Iím rescued
At sea
Petals soften
Lifeís harsh blows
Slowing my
panicked flee

Friendship so purely
Begins and then grows
Beautiful dťjŗ vu
You again
And again you are
Something nobody
Else knows

Before you I was
Only broken
Crawling on jagged
Glass grounds
Now that thereís you
Iíve completely spoken
For now I am found

Itís not like a moment
That dies in defeat
Itís more like a
Lifetime of knowing
That your soulís other
Half is something
You no longer
Must seek
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