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2:00 a.m. spark - poem

Friday, May. 20, 2005

2:00 a.m. spark


you transpose my verbs

you provide the letters

my tears explode

the minute i meet

with realization

and she discusses

the truth that hits my

inner reserve


you have my heart

and though i sent it

out on loan to others

they never read the lines

the book of me

because you pull the shutters

against their deepest entry


my house, my home

my heart it is not only my own

you grip it,

though you have not known


i want someone

just like you

because i long believed

that i could not have

what i really perceived

to be you

a one moment

when i knew that you

were the other side of

who i try to be when i am

being….being me


perhaps i’m wrong and

you don’t want that dream about…

but then then….i stop

and if i just followed the lines

that i have written all along

without fear and outside of doubt

the ones that lead to truth

the longest held truly being

that you are already mine

in the shadows of all that others know

in another world, where dreams

are not killed, but only grow


i have shared the most of me

that i can find even in the dark

with you…you

the only light…for far too long

you hold the only fire

of anything that makes me feel


that love is real



are my ...


emotions…that spark



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