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Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2004
I just noticed my sonís name is written on the bottom of my Candies sandal. Go figureÖ

I just drank 18 ounces of Grape-Cran juice and ate 2.37 ounces of pumpkin seeds. I spit the shells but I consumed an oceanís worth of salt. I eat very little lately, but what I eat is odd. Last night I ate bread. Another no no. Bread with a slice of swiss cheese melted into it. Slathered in ďI canít believe itís not butter!Ē I canít believe that was dinnerÖ. This morning I consumed a cup of hot tea and a low carb bar. Then it was onto lunch and a hamburger patty with lettuce and tomato and no bun. Itís slimy to eat a burger with no bun. The birds love me. My pants are too big. Slack in the rump. My shirt fits perfectly. Last night Cathy told me Iíve lost weight in my upper torso recently. Thatís a comment Iíve never heard. In other words Iíve lost my chest?? DamnÖ.

Last night Cathy told me about her friend having a new man in her life. Her friend is a former 300+lb women who recently got a weight reduction surgery on her stomach and is now going hog wild with her loose skinned self with every man she can find. This particular guy was a fetish type. He wanted her to spit on his face while calling him demeaning names. She did it. He took his hand and swiped up her spit and ate it!!! She was ok with that. He wanted her to hit him ďas hard as you can woman!Ē, she did it. She was ok with that too. Then he wanted her to help him market his oral skills to other men and then watch him perform these services. She was not cool with this. And so after letting him live with her for 3 days, heís now a goner. Heís out by the first and sheís spitting for no pleasure.

I couldnít spit right now if I wanted too. Too many pumpkin seeds and my lips are numb.

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