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Tuesday, Mar. 02, 2004
A comment I left for lostinmylove….after todays entry about her putting spyware on their home pc because her husband cheated on her and she doesn't seem to trust him anymore...but...guess what I think maybe MY own dang bf needs to read this one so I'm posting it for him…..

I think you should trust him or not trust him but watching him is creepy. Thinking you need to is creepier. I understand more than you can imagine after having an ex-husband that cheated twice, but creepy is creepy. If you have to know what he's saying and to whom (mind you I've spoke to him online and he was a good boy I tell ya) then what's the point in the word "trust". Besides, if you don't trust him what if he goes off to the grocery store and sees a hot girl there....how in the world might you know what THAT conversation was like??? I mean....uh....yah don't you see??? You have got to either trust him or realize you can't and won't ever again and move on. This "watching" and "spyware" jazz freaks me out because it just says in bold neon words "I DON'T TRUST YOU ANYMORE". If he knows he's being watched he'll be good....but what about all the times you're not around, who's gonna report his behavior to you then? Bottom line...trust or get out. I know where you are, why you're there and he sucks for cheating, I told him that myself. Maybe in nicer words, but this issue irks me because I've lived it. I used to call my ex (when we were still married) constantly....and guess what? She was laughing at me the entire time. Laughing because while I was calling she was fucking him. Bottom line...trust or don't trust but spyware???? Hmm...wonder if they have "penisware" I see it now "Penisware for the times you can't be there yourself". ACK!!! Remember I'm outspoken and I say what I really think. Not trying to make an enemy but I also learned after affair number 1 that I was just like you, untrusting, bitching, whiney, scared...etc... guess what? He got tired of that shit and found someone that did trust him (albeit blindly...like a fool) and wham he was up and gone. Just my thoughts....

note to boyfriend: do not call me and leave a nasty msg on my voicemail every time you get scared about what “could be” happening. Your mind is your biggest enemy, it will play tricks on you but I won’t ever cheat on you. Instead, try calling me and telling me you love me and you were just thinking about me and can’t wait to see me. You’ll be amazed at the results you get.
2. I trust you. I trust you when you’re in front of me, when you’re not in front of me. Sure I get insecure at certain times, but I don’t believe at all that you would actually hurt me by cheating.
3. I have too many guy friends and I totally suck for making you have to go through that, but I’m not “making” you. I’m merely being myself.
4. I love bookstores, if you wanted you could come to them with me for hours and hours, but since you don’t wanna…that’s where I’ll be when you can’t find me.

P.S.S. I swear if I get nasty guestbook entries about my left comments I’m just gonna set out to be more outspoken and piss off the world because sometimes I just have to say things I think!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S.S. hi Justin...how are you??? lol
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