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Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2002
I didn't go to him.....just like I said..he came to me. Always... If I'm so fucking horrible and so problem laden why's he fucking even come talk to me?

Him: hi

PoeticaL: hi

Him: i just got done working

Him: got 1

PoeticaL: *shrugs*

Him: i put 3 more ppl on the books today

Him: did you get my letter

PoeticaL: yes

Him: you didnt reply

PoeticaL: I have nothing to say

Him: really

PoeticaL: I don't know what you want me to say

PoeticaL: no comment would fit

Him: ok

Him: no opinion no comment no ideas

PoeticaL: no because you have no time for no-thing

Him: well i spend enough time with your problems........dont you think?

PoeticaL: that would come in to play...but YOU were the cause of the problem last night but you're too stupid to see it

Him: i handled a sales call

PoeticaL: that wasn't the problem

Him: made money i dont call that stupid

PoeticaL: and that's not stupid

Him: i dont know about you anymore. I am spending time making something out of my life and your right i dont have time for your daily problems

PoeticaL: that problem was created by YOU

PoeticaL: YOU

PoeticaL: YOU

PoeticaL: YOU

Him: im done with it......all i care about now is me i focus on me

Him: it was after 1 am and you tried to pull the same shit not ending the call

PoeticaL: no ...you make me cry and you don't give a flying fuck

PoeticaL: then you find a way to blame it on me

PoeticaL: try to make me feel like i did something

PoeticaL: I didn't do a damn thing

PoeticaL: nothing

Him: no you never do

PoeticaL: sure i do

PoeticaL: I have

PoeticaL: I can admit it

PoeticaL: but I didn't last night

Him: you know what

Him: i like having a problem free life

Him: im going to pal and sing some

Him: before its 10pm

Him signed off at 9:25:57 PM.

what the fuck ever...I didn't want to talk to him anyway....

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