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someday (poem)

Wednesday, Oct. 09, 2002




You must think that I am looking for perfection

What amazes me about your misled thought...

Iím just a little too close

To accepting you unconditionally

All I really need from you

Is for you to let me love you

For you to let me wish


Iíve been standing at this doorway

Always closed or just ajar

Never closing

Ever closer than you are ever

Really just too far


Please my friend

Wonít you just come meet me

Meet me in the doorjamb

And let me follow you right behind

A whisper in your midst

That is the only way

I want to ever tumble in

Closer to your mind


Sometimes I think Iíll send you

A letter

And leave out twenty of the most

Important words

And if you still understand me

Then thatís just how it was

Meant to be with us

Thatís how youíve always

Just found a way to read my silence

Even though nobody else

Has ever really heard


I know that you arenít perfect

In your eyes you see the cracks

I keep skipping over them

Because no matter what has transpired

How many nights I curve away from

A thousand jumbled fears

You remain my worthy reason

To try and then try again

To find my best way back

Despite the painful tears


So many days I crumbled

You were the ladder that helped me up

Whenever you traveled with me

Iíve never got lost

Somehow with you I can see

If nothing gave me my direction

And I simply found it by myself

You must have paid the price for me

Because Iíve never known the cost


Hold out your hand to me

Just once even if you hold your breath

Let me move just a little closer

I donít want to just remember you

By mostly foggy pieced together text

It is your face I want to take with me

From this life into my next


You are a letter left unopened

Sprayed with a beautiful worldís exhale

Take a chance not for me

Or for my happiness

Let me love you with everything

Because I have never learned to

Care for you any differently

Or even any less


Letís hold our breath together

Even if we both turn blue

I donít want to ever find that death

Is really all about sitting forever

And I never ever found out

How beautiful it might be

To sit and do nothing

Just because I never had the chance

To come sit and be with you






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