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Tuesday, Sept. 03, 2002
Husband works with a guy whose wife is a phone sex operator. She makes $14/hr. More than I make!! She makes him leave the house every Saturday while she’s “vocalizing”. She feels strange “doing it” in front of him. They have a one year old little boy who stays home and naps while she gets her star 69 on.

This is disgusting to me….she makes her husband leave, but keeps her child present to hear this???? Surely he doesn’t sleep for 5 hours……no way. And what if he crys…the poor slob on the other line would be all mid orgasm and …then….Say what???)

When I think of all the hours I spent and never got paid….grrrr

Perhaps I need to get this job and save my cash..hmmm
“oh yeah baby..you’re soo big…yeah fuck me harrrderrr…”
see how easy it is??
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