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Thursday, Jun. 06, 2002
Biggest current issue?

The jeans are back to feeling tight.
(I haven’t had my “Walking off the Pounds” video out in so long I’m not sure where it is right now. This is not good. )

Other issues…

Why do all the underwires from my bra’s decide to migrate to the back of the dryer all in the same time frame?

(I mean how irritating. I go through these phases where I just have to have that underwire going on in my undergarments cause I like the way they define the breastes’s. Other times I hate the way they damage your rib case and leave you feeling like you just left a dirty scene from Fight Club. Never mind the whole issue of how woman push their breastes’s up with wire and shove dental floss in their ass and walk around feeling sexy about this? I get the giggles everytime I see one of those aqua bras….water for boobage? Haaaaa! )

Why does the new shiny book at the bookstore look more appealing to me than the brand new stack I haven’t opened leaning against my wall screaming for attention?

(What’s the subliminal power that these bookstores have over me that cause me to need a “fix”? Can I channel that into being a diet plan? And why do I often look at that stack of books and imagine they’re having an entire dialoque exchange with each other over the fact that they can’t sit up on the bookshelf with those other lucky bastards. Maybe that’s the same mental shit I had in my brain about the alpha bits wanting to run away from the spoon to avoid certain death every morning..hmmm…)

Is he my muse? Or is he just amusing?

(that one’s…well I could be here forever dropping verbs about that statement..I’m skipping it cause right now it’s not amusing.)

Why am I so tired at 3 p.m. everyday and wide awake at 11 p.m.?

(it’s not like I slept for those 8 hours in between…)

Why did I write a poem on a Starbucks bag? (it’s not kewl to subscribe to high levels of commercialism…that whole thing just makes me sick..the whole logo love I harbor for Starbucks…that no name nothing girl face…..I have a canister on my kitchen counter that looks like a giant Starbucks cup. I love that thing way too much. All I need now is a giant Pepsi something and I’m all set… Wonder if I could write a poem on a Pepsi can…..it could be the Pepsi poem)

Pepsi Poem

Licked creep
This is a little bit
Of commercialism
Drips of sickening sweet

Starbucks Poem

On the geometric cool
I imagine you
Shoulder to shoulder
Never iris to iris
Notebooks dog-eared
With thoughts from the minds zoo

Looking down
I’m too afraid of erasing
If I admit I can see you

Like dreamlike screen shots
Your fingers drag through my
Liquid heat

Everyone walks out around us
We’re a nuisance
A theatre sight

I want to be your laptop
While I am just to be the wrinkled noise
Of your papers demise

And you write with my female ink
With your chubby fingers white

(Phoenix on my mind
standing in line
empty geometric shapes
for you I wrote this rhyme)

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From: Brandon [mailto:Brandon@work.com]
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Kelli31 ?????? I didnt make it home last night unfortunately. Probably be on tonight

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From: Kristy [mailto:kristy@work.com]
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Yeah I switched my name on there from kristy99 too kelli31 to get a clean slate..... Ever feel like deleting everything you have on your pc and email and all of it...just wipe it all away with a giant eraser just so you can start all over without all the megabytes of clutter?

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From: Brandon [mailto:Brandon@work.com]
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ahhhh ..nice analogy ! Sometimes I just feel like deleting my hard drive coz it has so much sh1t on it... then again, I have some nice photos and artwork that i need to keep, not to mention some old emails dated August 3 (or was it 4) years ago... 8)

BraN and I had our first email exchange 3 years ago (soon) on August 3rd. He remembers….awwww… Sometimes one thing like that for me and I forget all the underwire’d problems of the world. I think this year I’m gonna send him some Vanilla Coke cause they don’t have it in England. I hope I figure out a way to say thank you loud enough to him...

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