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Thursday, Sept. 08, 2005
So I’m trying to work out a time frame that the man and I can go see this

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And tonight might have been the best time….except that… “I’m sorry honey, tonight’s the first football game of the season!”


We have an ongoing argument

Me: “We never do anything”

Him: ‘What do you want to do?”

Me: “I don’t know but I want to do something.”

So I came up with something and now we can have this argument:

Me: “Football sucks”

Him: “No it doesn’t!!”

Hopefully he’ll get out of work tomorrow in time to go to tomorrow night’s show. Oh yah, have I ever mentioned that he doesn’t work scheduled hours so it’s hard to plan anything and he’s off today but working tomorrow? Yah…Gahhhhhhhhhhhh

I should also mention I’ve already seen this show…..a few years ago with Carla. Good stuff.

Also let me mention that I will be going to the bookstore tonight. It’s the first night of “reading” season. Games on!
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