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Friday, Jan. 18, 2002
Ok something besides “him”….I’m losing myself slowly…

Unger came to work today with a hangover. He got a phone call and I went hunting him down. And there he was leaning over the bushes in the front of the building trying to make himself throw up. Hahahahaha…I can’t stop laughing! Unger is a big drinker and he cracks me up. Most of the time he can handle his liquor…he can drink anyone under the table, but not today. I wish I had my digital and gold membership so I could post a picture of his green face on here today. teeheee….. He just told me if someone calls for a stock check just tell them NO. Teeheee. It’s gonna be fun to watch him suffer all day.

Last night I went out to dinner with husband and Bucky. We went to Arigato’s. A Japanese restaurant where they cook your food right in front of you on a big flat grill while you sit on the floor in chairs (with the legs cut off) around the grill. So there you are with all these people you don’t know sitting around in a circle watching some guy cook your food.

I stopped off at a used bookstore on my way home from work. I was in the mood to peruse the shelves for treasure. I didn’t find anything worth much. Which sucks! I hate that. I need someone to recommend a good book. The kind of book that engrosses you. I just finished “America the Beautiful” by Moon Unit Zappa. And I liked it. Even though I coulda done without the “father” references that were fictionally too similar to her real father.

When I got home I found a note “we were hungry and so we went to Arigato’s …come on over…we left at 6:15”. So I got there late. There are all these people around the grill and I’m standing up looking down at them. The grill is like imbedded into the ground and you sit way down in there. So if you’re a person standing up, you feel really stupid. Its like “doh ..yeah I am the duffus standing up over here.” Then some chick decided that she would move to the other side of the grill and then I could sit next to Bucky. Who incidentally was so happy that I went that his face was all lit up.

(Its hard wanting to avoid time with husband, and at the same time not be avoiding my own son.) grrrrr

So this guy starts to cook and his delving out food to everyone around the table. I can’t even remember what it was that I ordered. But it had steak and chicken in it. And I’m sure it was fattening beyond belief. I could tell. Just tell…

Right when the cook was all done flaming up the grill and we had gone through the first two courses of food….blam…no lights. Yup the power went out. Then all these fool idiots around me start to light up cigarettes and then there’s no exhaust fans to suck up the second hand smoke. Bucky starts to complain about so since we’re done eating and there’s no cash register to ring up our check on, we come to the decision to leave and let husband sit there and pay for the check.

Something about this occurrence made me stop and think. While Bucky and I were home for 35 minutes while he sat around trying to handle paying for dinner 3 blocks away…. I thought. Would “he” do something like this? My conclusion….nope. He would sit there only if I did. Or I would still be the one sitting there while he left. Something to ponder. I’m going to have to pose this question to him during one of our hypothetical question hours.

Lastly, I keep juggling around the diary’s on my list. I think there’s not a big enough list for favorites. I need more spaces Andrew! Or I need to create a diary links page. Hmm…yeah maybe I’ll just do that!


Read me a story
Read me a rhyme
Something that happened
Once upon a time
It can have monsters
Princesses too
Wonderful kingdoms
Make-believe or true
Read me a story
And when it's through
Here's what I promise to do
Read me a story
And when I can read
I'll read one to you
-Big Bird…teehee…
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