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Friday, Oct. 13, 2006
After work today I drove to the "big" Barnes and Noble in Clearwater. I spent 4 hours there reading everything. I read both of Nick Hornby's book review books. Both of them....for free. This is why bookstores rock. I also had a cup of coffee, read a recipe book, looked at an artist's way of life book and bought a Math book to try to help myself learn more. The last Lemony Snicket book is out and I'm renewed to continue my reading journey. I was on book 5. So I can enjoy a lot more adventures before I personally get to the end. Now I just have to avoid hearing or seeing spoilers. I never got into Harry Potter and I've only gotten halfway into the Lemony Snicket because time is at a premium being in college and working full time.

Tonight after leaving the bookstore I was driving down 19 jamming to the ‘Mats. I love Paul Westerberg more than I can put into words. I was a withdrawn depressive teenager and music got me through. A very popular dj in my town was kind enough to send me a compilation cassette of Paul’s work with “The Replacements” It had about 20 songs on it and that changed my life. It was that CD that taught me the love of lyrics. It taught me to express myself and fed my desire to write. It was the one thing that brought joy for the longest time. I walked around my world with headphones on flipping the cassette back and forth in my old school Sony walkman.

I realize the entire world does not love St. Paul and his work but I think the entire world should at least hear him once.

Go get some Paul Westerberg love for free. His new song on the new soundtrack for a kid’s cartoon movie. I do not see this is a sell out move….he’s a Daddy now and has his own family and why not produce great music? I find no reason to say no to the man.

Listen to Paul’s new song right here!

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