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Tuesday, Nov. 08, 2005
I had a long conversation with “him” yesterday. He’s doing well. However he called me a few days ago because his live in girlfriend has been attending a college to get her teaching degree. At the very end of her program she was to do a teaching internship for her final grade. It was the last hoorah of her program. Well….she was to spend 3 months at an elementary school. She spend 2 ˝ months teaching there as an aide to another teacher. The university that she was attending (in Utah while she lives in North Carolina….not an online University but rather a distance learning one) sent someone to the elementary school to evaluate her. The evaluator not only told her that she sucked as a teacher but further told her that she had to leave the University. That she could no longer attend. Imagine that! And what did she decide to do? She decided to give in and quit. She quit. She flipping quit school after working her butt off for years.

I advised “him” that if I were in that situation I would speak to the Dean, perhaps speak to someone of authority at the elementary school in which she did her internship, etc. But that I would not spend all that time and money just to be “kicked out” because it was “someone’s” opinion that I was not qualified. How does a person get qualified? Isn’t that the education that you are paying for? So shouldn’t that University be helping you to acquire the necessary skills? Who’s to blame and who’s at fault? Certainly not her as the student. Good grief. Even is she were to go on to be a suckass teacher, shouldn’t she still get an education and a degree and the opportunity to be that suckass teacher. Perhaps there’s something I do not know about teachers and that sort of education. Surely I am missing something here.

Turns out this is the second school that she was kicked out of without a teaching degree at the advice that she was not cut out for teaching. So twice now she’s been told to hang up her teaching dreams. Apparently and according to “him” she cannot control a room full of children and feels overwhelmed. Hello??? Why would anyone not good with children think they wanted to be a teacher in the first place? That’s insane to me, but more insane is that she didn’t give up the first time around but is now?

Sooo last night after I did a weeks worth of research and found contact names for him etc regarding what her recourses could be he calls to tell me, “She’s just going to forget all about it, besides I make tons of money and what does she need a degree for?”

I went ballistic. I don’t know why this bothered me so much because hell it’s not MY life or my concern. I just thought it was an inane thing to say. Why should a person get a degree? Does everyone in the world think that it’s all about money? Yes it’s about earning potential but c’mon an education is about opening doors for better opportunity. I don’t care if he makes a g’zillion dollars…she should have her degree if she spent the last 6 years trying to earn her teaching degree.

Furthermore, what about personal achievement and accomplishment? What about that aspect of things? And what about her future if per say something happens to him? He has NOT married this girl after 3 years, what if he never does? What if he dies tomorrow? Sure he might have insurance but what is she going to do with her life? What? What? She needs to do something to be productive. His answer to this question… “she can manage the candy machines.”

Go from getting a college degree to refilling gumball machines?


This doesn’t affect me but it certainly pisses me off and I don’t even know why really. It’s that male egotistical thing he displayed. She should get her damned degree and fight for it if someone stands in her way. Perhaps I don’t like quitters. Perhaps I don’t like the fact that it didn’t go the way she planned and instead of fixing the problem, they both agree to give up. Who cares about her future..because he has one?

Wait I just figured out why this pisses me off. Its because my ex-husband (isn’t everything his fault…I mean really) used to tell me that the sacrifices I was making to follow his career were in MY best interest. Fuck that…they were not. They were in HIS best interest. If this girl gives up on her education at “hims” advice…..stupid move. Stupid fucking move.

I’d be telling “him” to fuck off I’m not going to be your gumball girl. This is why everything happens for a reason and I never ended up being with “him”. Thank god because I’d have to kill “him” today and I am not aspiring to be a murderer.
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