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Monday, Jan. 01, 2007
It always amazes me when people read something on a blog and misinterpret it. IE: What I said about Julie Powell here

“....Julie Powell act like an asshat when interviewed by Al Roker. She’s seriously sad…and what an ugly dress she had on. Ugly!!!”

That is what I said.


Yet someone left me a guestbook entry that said the above. Julie Powell...two things....you could have found a better dress. You could have NOT slapped your gut and laughed about how much food you ate in that grotesque way that you did. It was sad....like I said. I did not call you fat or miserable. I don't even know you to know whether your miserable or not.

Nice dress...not! I read your book....I liked it. Dress was still ugly and you still acted a fool at the 2006 Quill Book Awards. Bad acceptance speech.....bad dress....bad gut slap.

Congrats on winning tho'.

I have this odd feeling that Christine is perhaps...maybe...really….Julie…..ha!

I think the best way to resolve this is to show you how she acts like an idiot…….first of all…the two presenters (Elizabeth Kostova and Anderson Cooper) were bumbling idiots prior to the announcement. You decide If you ask me….looks like she rolled herself up in a big living room carpet. This is NOT the fool idiot interview with Al Roker as I can't find that little gem online.

And it would appear that Julie Powell always acts like a fool on national television

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