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Thursday, Oct. 30, 2003
BF and I just went out for breakfast. The sun is shining and there's a really lovely breeze in the air. It's fall in Florida and it's truly beautiful. I'm wearing a new black skirt and my Nine West Mary Janes and my hairs having a lovely day all it's own...Chloe is now lying in the sunbeam that rolls into the living room, she looks content...just like I currently feel.

I got a voicemail msg from my son this morning. He's all jacked up and excited about the jewelry making class I told him we're going to be taking (as soon as mom finds one to enroll us in). There's no one I like better to get a voicemail msg from...other than Bucky. I love hearing his little voice talking to me even though I'm not there at the moment. He called at 7:30 a.m. while I was still sleeping. I'm on this 2nd shift schedule for two days.....anyway...gotta love Bucky msg's first thing in the morning... :-)

Chloe's looking at me, she wants to come over here but she knows she can't jump on my legs whenever I'm wearing leggings...they are "no no's" and she has to stay away. So instead she's sitting there wiggling and wanting to come over soooo bad. Too cute.

I'm currently reading this book, "caramello" Its so good. It's like chocolate for the eyes. This author writes the yummiest sentences ever. I'm enjoying every word.

Off to work now...

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